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Quality Heating And Air Conditioning Service In Bremerton, WA

Universal Refrigeration is proud to provide HVAC contractors in Bremerton for homes and businesses. We are a locally owned and operated company, providing customer-focused HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services for over thirty-six years in Puget Sound.

Unlike some HVAC companies, our focus is on quality in everything we do. Our highly skilled, experienced, and trained HVAC technicians take the time to answer your questions and complete all work to our exacting quality standards. Each call for heating or air conditioning repairs, installation, or maintenance is a priority, ensuring our customers have an exceptional experience.

Residential and Commercial Service

Licensed in both Washington and Oregon, Universal Refrigeration offers services for heating and cooling near me, both residential and commercial HVAC services. We work on all major makes and models of HVAC units, providing air conditioning systems and furnace repair around the clock.

When you need repairs for your cooling or heating system, give us a call 24/7. We also provide maintenance service and design/build services for all HVAC system requirements, making us the go-to HVAC provider in the area.

Beyond the Basics

In addition to traditional HVAC system installation, repairs, and maintenance, we are experienced in working with ductless air conditioning in Bremerton, repair of heat pumps in Bremerton, ductless heat pumps in Bremerton, air conditioning in Bremerton, and ductless HVAC systems.  All these options are increasingly popular for homes and businesses throughout Bremerton, WA, offering a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for comfort throughout the year.

To schedule service for any type of HVAC problem, contact the team at 253-263-1047.

We Offer Bremerton Heating and Air Conditioning Service 

We provide you with cutting-edge technology with Universal Refrigeration that guarantees top performance, energy effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. Our knowledgeable personnel are experienced in managing a variety of Universal Refrigeration-related tasks, including installation, maintenance, heating repairs in Bremerton, and upgrades. 

Whether you want to increase your home’s cooling effectiveness or are looking for dependable commercial refrigeration solutions, including heating and cooling near me in Bremerton, our staff is committed to offering custom services that satisfy your particular needs. Our dedication to quality work and complete customer satisfaction at Bremerton Heating and Air Conditioning Service inspires us to offer Universal Refrigeration services that not only keep your spaces pleasant but also help advance a sustainable and responsible approach to cooling and refrigeration.

Learn More About Our Services

As per the requirements of Washington citizens, heating and air conditioning near me in Bremerton and Universal Refrigeration offers our clients a wide range of experience in both installing and maintaining refrigeration systems. We are one of the top businesses of our sort in the Northwest because of our knowledge of HVAC.

The caliber of our customer service and our commitment to them further distinguish ourselves. By offering them high-value products that are supported by a strong dedication to service and our long-standing reputation for integrity, we work to develop partnerships with our customers.