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Heat Pumps in Auburn WA
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Heat Pumps in Auburn WA

There are many different reasons why homeowners in Kent WA, Renton, Tacoma, Auburn, Federal Way, and Bremerton, WA, are turning to heat pumps instead of traditional finance and air conditioning systems.Heat pumps are not new on the market. Still, they are increasingly popular as the cost of energy and fuel for traditional furnaces is on the rise. Despite the name, heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, which makes them versatile. While more costly to purchase and install, they can quickly pay for themselves in lower energy and fuel consumption.

How They Work

In a simplified overview of how heat pumps work, the pump moves heat from the exterior of the home to the interior of the home to provide heat in the winter. The reverse process is used in the summer, with the pump drawing hot air from the home.These systems have fewer mechanical parts, so they are lower maintenance than a traditional HVAC system in a home in Renton, Bremerton, Federal Way, or the surrounding areas. They are very quiet and help to control humidity in the home throughout the year.In very cold snaps in Tacoma, Auburn, Kent, and throughout Western Washington, heat pumps may require some supplemental heat. Typically in this area, these extreme cold snaps are very short in duration, so they have a limited impact on energy consumption.For more information on converting your HVAC system to a heat pump, give our team at Universal Refrigeration a call. We are happy to answer your questions, just get in touch at 253-939-5501.

Why Auburn Heat Pumps Service best

Due to its unmatched knowledge, quick response times, and customer-focused philosophy, Auburn Heat Pumps Service stands out as the best option. Their knowledgeable specialists guarantee top-notch installations, repairs, and maintenance thanks to their demonstrated track record of providing ductless heat pump solutions in Auburn. Offering customized solutions, affordable pricing, and a dedication to environmentally responsible practises, they are committed to ensuring customer happiness. The best option for all heat pump requirements is Auburn Heat Pumps Service, which epitomizes excellence, dependability, and innovation in heating and cooling.

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